District of Barriere regular Council/Committee of the Whole Meeting highlights

community updates from the District of Barriere regular council meetings

The new Trade and Investment website for the provincial government is www.britishcolumbia.ca replacing Opportunities BC on Sept. 10. The new website provides an opportunity listing service and BC community profiles as well as comprehensive profiles for B.C.’s key sectors.  Investment opportunities are accessed directly at www.britishcolumbia.ca/invest. The new website allows anyone to list commercial and industrial properties at no charge through the listing websites, www.ventureconnect.ca and www.spacelist.ca. Our regional economic development portal, www.InvestThompsonNicola.ca, is also linked to this new site. The Louis Creek Industrial Park lots have been listed via VentureConnect.

MOTI to Build Road Link: The Ministry of Transportation has agreed to fund a gravel connection road from the end of the Louis Creek Road (the southerly boundary of the District of Barriere) to the Old Sawmill Court cul-de-sac road.  This seven metre wide road would be the property of the District of Barriere and will not be maintained or warrantied by the MOTI.  They plan on constructing this link this fall.

Meeting with Interior Health, Mayor Smith met with Wendy Hansson – Vice President Community Integrated Health Services, Sharlene Lively – Community Integration Health Services Manager and TNRD Area O Director Bill Kershaw to discuss how to best integrate services between the district, Area O, Emergency Support Services and Interior Health.  The suggestion was that a committee/board be formed and meet twice a year to discuss problems that would impact everyone.  For example, if there was a concern pertaining to a proliferation of drugs being used in the community, this is more than an RCMP matter. It is important for all agencies to know and share their emergency plans and other plans to deal with community issues so everyone is prepared and working together. The Mayor will follow up with Interior Health on the formation of this committee.

Simpcw Resources Ltd. Gravel Pit Application: The district has received a request for comments from the Ministry of Energy and Mines regarding an application for a gravel pit operation immediately adjacent the Ministry of Transportation pit at Agate Bay Road and Highway 5 on Lot 13 in the Louis Creek Industrial Park owned by Simpcw Holdings Limited. A joint access permit has been applied for to both the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and the district of Barriere as the proposed access onto Agate Bay Road is opposite the access to the TNRD Eco Depot and straddles both district and Crown road allowances. The district has also requested that Simpcw provide a draft agreement regarding the use and excavation of gravel surrounding the property line that fronts on Agate Bay Road that will come to Council at a future date for consideration.

Vandalism at the Bandshell: For some reason, vandals tried on a number of different occasions to gain access to the back of the bandshell stage by prying the side of the metal gate open. Staff took measures to get to the bottom of this issue by installing a trail cam in the vicinity. As a result, we now have the reason why. The camera shows not only who some of the culprits are but that the reason they wanted access was merely to plug their cell phones into the outlet on the stage behind the gate. In an attempt to put an end to this destructive, repetitive behaviour we have provided an outlet that is accessible in front of the gate and will be following up with these vandals individually once positive ID has been confirmed.

Lions Gazebo in Fadear Park: Due to a slight lean that has developed since the construction of the gazebo, there has been temporary bracing added to the structure to ensure its safety for public use until such time as additional permanent bracing can be installed.

New Memorial Bench in Bradford Park: There is now permanent seating in the shade in Bradford Park courtesy of the Memorial Bench program. Staff worked with the donor to choose the best location.

Venture Kamloops Labour Market Analysis Update: The Labour Market Survey being undertaken for our area by Malatest and Associates, working for Venture Kamloops on the market analysis project, is planned for release to the public by the end of October. Around 600 market surveys were completed in the region by web and telephone. Key informant interviews were also conducted with around ten education and training providers and ten to 15 other stakeholders (including industry representatives, economic development officials, etc..

The Public Affairs and Communications Office for the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation requires three weeks between the final results of the Labour Market Survey and the public release of the results.

Therefore, on Oct. 28, 2015, Venture Kamloops is planning four public presentations of the findings by Malatest and Associates at events throughout our region as outlined below:

The morning of Wednesday, Oct. 28 there will be a press release and a public presentation in Kamloops.

Mid Afternoon on Wednesday, Oct. 28 there will be a press release and a public presentation in Clearwater.

The late morning of Thursday, Oct. 29 there will be a press release and a public presentation in Valemount.

The morning of Friday, Oct. 30 there will be a press release and a public presentation in 100 Mile.

Venture Kamloops will be providing marketing materials to all of the Project and Community Partners to help promote the events. The venues will be advertised.

Barriere Business Walk Results: Myles Bruns from the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training has provided 100 copies of the recent Business Walk results. Copies are being delivered to the business community with additional copies available at the district office, the Chamber of Commerce and AG Foods as well as on the district website at www.barriere.ca.

Splash Pad Apple Pie Volunteers Needed: Last year the “pie team” sold and produced around 300 pies with all the proceeds going to the Splash Pad reserve account. This year we have once again received a donation of apples from the Okanagan so are planning on repeating the fundraiser. Please call Tasha Buchanan at the district office (250-672-9751) if you would like to help out on Friday evening, Oct. 2 to make pastry or on Saturday or possibly Sunday to peel apples and make the pies.

Tree Donations: The district recently received a much appreciated donation of four Sugar Maples. These will be planted in one or more of our parks and will bring along their lovely fall colours. In early spring we will also be planting indigenous trees and bushes as part of our landscape plan for the new Solar Aquatics Wastewater plant. If you would like to donate a suitable tree or bush please contact Dustin Doherty at our office (250-672-9751) or by email at ddoherty@barriere.ca.