District says sewer line road reclamation work almost completed

No date has been confirmed on when the sewer lines will be ready for hookup

As the construction of the new sewer lines and wastewater plant within the District of Barriere progresses there is of course a significant amount of public interest in the stages of the project, especially as the project has experienced a number of delays.

On Monday we requested a brief update on the state of the wastewater project in Barriere for our readers.

“LNB has just finished up some of the reclamation work and will be hydro seeding shortly,” stated District of Barriere CAO Colleen Hannigan,

She noted that the ongoing construction work around the wastewater treatment plant is being performed by Eco-Tec and the district, as the work is not part of the LNB contract.

Hannigan also commented that Quality Contracting has been setting a couple of rows of pipe in areas that are not in the LNB contract.

“Using our local backhoe contractor is a lot cheaper for the district than adding this small job to the LNB contract,” said Hannigan.

We asked how residents who own homes to be hooked into the new sewer lines find out how much this hookup will cost?

The CAO answered that hooking the sewer from the property line to the home will be the responsibility of the homeowner to arrange for their own contractor to do the job as this will not be done by the District.

As of press time no date has been confirmed on when the sewer lines will be ready for hookup to residences.