District supports Arts Council event

The District of Barriere Municipal Council held a meeting on June 6;  one of the first orders of business was to hear from a delegation from the North Thompson Arts Council (NTAC).  President Sylvia Chivers and director Josie Wilson spoke to council about the upcoming Celebration of the Arts and requested that council consider their request for a grant.  After some discussion, council members voted to grant $500 to NTAC.

Council received a report from Colleen Hannigan, District CAO, regarding several items.  All that is left to complete at the Bandshell by the contractor is the sealing of the concrete exterior block.  This needs dry weather and will be done as soon as possible.  Ramp curbs and planters, extending the concrete sidewalks and ramp extensions to the asphalt oval, tarring the back corner, leveling the remaining dirt piles and seeding (for grass) will finish the project.

The burner at the Louis Creek Tolko site has been removed, and the surveying for the final plans for the site is underway.

The water bars to deal with the drainage issue down the pathway from Power Road into Armour Mountain Mobile Home Park have been trenched and the area seeded with white clover.  A fence has been erected at the top of the hill with “Caution” signage to deter use of this area by the general public.

Planning is well underway for the Canada Day Event at the Bandshell.  The North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo, the 2011 Pageant Committee and the District of Barriere are working together to plan an afternoon/early evening family picnic, games and entertainment that will lead into the speeches, talent and fashion show for the 2011 Pageant committee.  Local artisans and businesses are welcome to gather around the oval.  There will be a $5/space charge for not-for-profit groups and a $10/space charge for profit vendors.  Since the event will span the dinner hour and free Canada Day cupcakes will be part of the festivities, there will be room for a couple of groups that would like to provide food options as well.

The summer Water Patrol have been hired.  The supervisors are Mary McLennan and Andrew Hayward, and the students are Kimberly Rudd and Catana, both returning from last summer.

Councilor Stamer reporter that the Lions Club is in the process of fixing issues with the concrete steps and ramp at the Lions Hall.

All Barriere residents are asked to NOT put out their garbage the night before pickup as  this attracts wildlife.  Please put garbage out to the curb in the mornings on the day of pickup.

The next regular Council meeting will be on June 20, at 7 p.m.  The next Public Works Committee meeting will be on June 13, at 7 p.m.  The next Barriere Integrated Sustainability Plan Committee meeting will be on June 15, at 5 p.m.