District to form a Greenhouse “Think Tank” Committee

Committee to explore the possibility of creating a small revenue stream from wastewater reclamation

Are you interested in sitting on the “think Tank”?

The main feature of the new wastewater reclamation centre behind the Fire Hall is the greenhouse where wastewater will undergo the majority of its treatment. The plants that will be a direct contributor to this innovative process will grow in 8’ high bins of water. It has always been the District’s plan to create not only healthy plants but to explore the possibility of creating a small revenue stream that could be applied against the cost of running the operation. If you are interested in sitting on a Greenhouse “Think Tank” (pun intended) committee whose mandate will be to explore this opportunity further, please contact Colleen Hannigan, CAO at 250-672-9751 as soon as possible.

Budget deliberations

Council has set Jan. 27, and Feb. 10, at 3 p.m. in the council chambers as the first two meetings that will focus strictly on the budget. The deliberations are open for the public to come and listen. An opportunity for public input into the process will be advertised, although individual members of council are always eager to hear your views at any time.

Should Leonie Lake be a park?

Mel Schmidt, on behalf of the North Thompson Fish and Game Society, approached council regarding the procurement of one section of land around and including Leonie Lake from the Province of B.C. as parkland to be developed at a future date. Council agreed to a further meeting with representatives of the organization and TNRD Area ‘O’, which was scheduled for Jan. 13.

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Policy No. 28

Council put in place a new policy that includes a Records Release Table as a point of reference for the public as well as staff on District documents that are readily releasable vs documents that require a formal FOI request. The policy also serves as a procedural manual for staff to handle incoming requests for information as well as procedures to ensure personal privacy obtained by the District, is protected as per legislation. It will be accessible on line through the District’s website at www.barriere.ca .

Family Day Celebration – Sunday, February 8th

Planning for a Family Day event on the evening of Sunday, Feb. 8, at the Ridge, similar to the one held last year, is underway. Funding to support some of the activities has been approved by Success by Six.

January 2015 has been proclaimed “Alzheimer’s Awareness Month” in the District of Barriere.