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Do you have a ride out in case of an evacuation order?

Hopefully, our area communities will remain safe through this unprecedented wildfire season. However, evacuations can happen at a moments notice, so it is extremely important for folks to make sure they have a ride out if it is needed. Seniors and those that live alone who have no transportation in case of an emergency evacuation from their community can be especially vulnerable.

To be proactive, those folks who have no transportation are being reminded to contact their family, friends and neighbours to make sure they will have pre-arranged a timely ride out should an evacuation order happen.

Folks who do have transportation are being asked to consider how they can help others in case of an emergency evacuation. Do you know people who live alone, have physical difficulties, and/or have no transportation? If so, please touch base with these folks and make sure they have a ride out if needed.

If you have no transportation out in case of an evacuation, but live within the District of Barriere, please contact Tasha Buchanan at municipal hall where your name, address, and contact information will be recorded.

In the event of an evacuation that list will be utilized by First Responders to make sure that everyone can evacuate the community safely. You can contact Tasha Buchanan at the District of Barriere by calling 250-672-9751.