Do you have something to enter in the hobbies section?

Start Getting Ready For The 2013 North Thompson Fall Fair & Rodeo

Who doesn’t have a hobby?

Many of us have countless hobbies, and find it hard to decide which one to dabble with when you have a spare moment or two.

This year at the North Thompson Fall Fair there are 11 different categories of hobbies that are listed in the entry catalogue: wood work, native crafts, ceramics, Christmas, recycled materials, wall hangings, hand painting, jewelry, and general crafts, as well as a separate category for the handicapped hobbiest.

If you are a collector of salt and pepper shakers, spoons, dolls, bottles, or anything else, there is a category for you as well.

The hobbies section of the exhibit hall is always interesting to look through, as there are so many different and unique entries each year.  From leatherwork, to pottery, clocks to stained glass, woodcarvings to dream catchers, and necklaces to wall hangings.

For a complete list of categories, pick up your copy of the North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo Catalog at the Star/Journal, or at the Fall Fair office in the IDA mall which opens on August 6.You can also find the entry catalogue online by going to: and clicking on ‘prize books and entries’.