Dog Park designated for Barriere but needs help with fencing costs

Dog owners are being encouraged to join together and hold a few fundraisers to help create their own park

The community of Barriere can enjoy an off-leash dog park for their canines at sometime in the near future if funding can be acquired to fence the area, purchase signage, and buy dog-do dispensers.

The decision was made last Wednesday by District of Barriere council, as a follow-up to the June 18 council meeting, where the discussion was brought the to the floor by the Mayor.  At that time, an amendment to the existing Parks Bylaw to allow dogs off leash in designated areas within a park, was given first, second and third readings.  Staff were directed to research available location options and provide the estimated costs surrounding fencing, signage and other necessary items required. This information was brought forward June 27, and after discussion regarding a site for the park, the property north of the school was agreed to be the most sensible option.  Council then voted to direct staff to oversee the ordering and installation of the required materials to proceed with a Dog Park at an area between the Community Park sign and the Barriere Elementary school, subject to sufficient donations being received by the District to complete all aspects of the project.

The designated area will need to have three sides fenced, in addition to one gate, signage, and dog bag dispenser installations.  The cost of the fencing and gates would be anywhere from $2,000 to $3,800; depending on the quality of the fence.  Cost does not include installation.  The cost of the dog bag dispensers are $98 each.  Signage is approximately $125 for each 2.5’ x 2.5’ sign, with an estimate of two signs required.

District CAO, Colleen Hannigan, says the land has been designated, and the municipality will mow the grass, but the initial cost of the fencing, installation, signage, and bag dispensers must come from donations, both in-kind and cash, to get the project completed.

Area dog owners are now being encouraged to join together and hold a few fundraisers, dog walk-a-thons, or other events to help create their own park.  A place where Fido can be ‘off-leash’, running free, and playing with other dogs in a safe and well maintained environment.

For information about the Dog Park, or to make a donation, please contact the District office at 250-672-9751.