Don’t get sucked into this scam

Barriere residents urged to be very careful about purchasing anything from solicitors

An octogenarian living in Barriere, was approached in October by someone from Lux Vacuum, a company originating in Burnaby, BC.  The salesman came to the door, even though there was a notice on the door stating ‘no solicitors’, and talked him into purchasing a Lux Guardian Air Cleaner for $1650 – this same brand is available at Walmart for $268.

The salesman was quite pushy, wouldn’t take no for an answer, and followed him around the house.

When the gentleman’s granddaughter called the company’s number in Burnaby to complain, they told her “he should have just said ‘no'”, and weren’t at all sympathetic.  They told her she could get a refund for the return of the unit in about a month.  The granddaughter is now waiting for them to come to her office in Kamloops to pick up the unit and give the refund.

The octogenarian and his family would like to urge Barriere residents to be very careful about purchasing anything from solicitors, and to talk to their elderly family members about such things.