Earth Rangers wow the kids at Barriere Elementary

Students encouraged to get involved in protecting Canadian wildlife by joining Earth Rangers

Earth Ranger animal handler and presenter

Earth Ranger animal handler and presenter

Earth Rangers made a stop at Barriere Elementary School on Oct. 27, to educate and inspire students to get involved in protecting Canadian wildlife and preserving their natural habitat.

Using the extraordinary power of live animals to teach students about the issues facing Canadian wildlife, Earth Rangers travel to schools across Canada to share their conservation message and get kids excited about protecting animals and their homes. Earth Rangers will visit 600 schools during the 2014/2015 school year.

On the visit to Barriere Elementary, students had the opportunity to meet some of the Earth Rangers Animal Ambassadors demonstrating their natural behaviours.  These included a large red Tegu lizard called Dora, a six month old red fox called Finn, a European Barn Owl called Sonic and a Harris hawk called Linus.

All of the animals were presented in the gymnasium, with the owl and hawk being an especially thrilling presentation as they flew over the heads of all the students who were sitting on the floor of the gym at the time.

There was also a video presentation about what Earth Rangers do, and another about the four animals that are currently being helped by the group; the Eastern Wolf, Western Screech Owl, Bobolink and the Swift Fox.

The presentation was very dynamic, fun and a great interactive experience for the students as well as the school staff.  The presentation communicated a positive, science-based message about the importance of protecting biodiversity while introducing students to different conservation initiatives across Canada.

Earth Rangers travel all over Canada telling students about animals.  Currently there are over 40,000 young Earth Rangers signed up as members in Canada.  They all have a passion for wild animals and the study of reptiles and amphibians.   Earth Ranger members try to save the animals by helping to protect wild animals in their natural homes or habitat.

Earth Rangers has visited schools in Kamloops and surrounding communities including Barriere thanks to the generous support of Teck.

To find out more about Earth Rangers and how kids can join, go to: