Election 2014: Barriere councillor incumbent Amanda Sabyan

Amanda Sabyan has enjoyed her first term serving as a councillor for the District of Barriere

Amanda Sabyan

Amanda Sabyan

Amanda Sabyan says she has enjoyed her first term serving as a councillor for the District of Barriere and would like to serve a second term in office.

“I believe that some continuity between councils will be beneficial to Barriere residents,” said Sabyan, “As we move foreword together we must have stability and balance to ensure Barriere meets the challenges ahead.”

Sabyan says that she spent a good part of her first term in office learning about municipal government and her responsibilities as a councillor.  During the past three years she has represented the District as the chair of the Bandshell Committee, is the rep at the table of Success By Six and has attended two Southern Interior Local Government Association conventions.

“I have spent so much time learning I believe I can now be an asset to the community if elected for another term,” said Sabyan.  “I am grateful for the opportunity to learn so much, it’s time to pay it forward.  I want to be involved.  I find working with the public I can be helpful in keeping them informed and up to date while I also hearing their concerns or questions.

“I am just finishing my first term on council and feel that now I’ve learned enough to be of better use to the District electorate during the next term.  I want to develop an economic climate that will attract more small businesses.  The more I talk to people the more I want to hear what Barriere means to them, and what issues they feel are important.  The more I learn, the more I want to learn.”

Asked what milestones she felt have been accomplished in Barriere over the past few years, Sabyan replied, “During my term on council, the transfer of the Tolko land into the name of Barriere for the Louis Creek Industrial Park, the celebration of our 100th Anniversary as a community, three years of Bandshell Fridays and the other events starting to be held there, and the opening of the public washrooms at the Bandshell (now opened daily during the winter). Also, the formation and revamping of the Zoning Bylaw, and the awarding of the $6.7 million dollar grant for the wastewater treatment plant and sewer  project.”

Sabyan says her election platform is straight forward.

“I think the important issues that need to be addressed are bringing business to the municipality, sustainability, and additional programs and activities for youth,” said Sabyan, “I pledge to be transparent and honest, and I promise to listen to anyone that wants to talk to me.  I will stand up for what you believe is best for our city.  I know that personal consultation is the only real way to be connected and relevant to our community.  I have a simple and earnest desire to serve our community with strength and quality.  I promise to honour your trust with hard work and clear communications.  I want to move Barriere in a direction that allows growth of services and investment in the community.  We need to be proactive in recognizing issues in our community before they become problems that negatively affect the lives of the citizens of Barriere.”

Sabyan noted she feels Barriere is extremely lucky to be situated in a beautiful setting.  She was born and raised in the community and is currently raising her daughter here.

What is Sabyan’s vision for Barriere’s future?

“Barriere has a unique character and an enviable quality of life,” said Sabyan, “I don’t want the character of Barriere to change, just grow and prosper for the benefit of its residents, maintaining and enhancing the community spirit we have is an important issue.  I want to move Barriere in a direction that allows for growth of services and investment in the community.

“I want to see the building of the splash pad, even if it is not until I am a grandma; then I could take my grandkids there and watch them play.  I want to see all the roads paved.  I want to see more low income housing, be it for young people or seniors.  You see plenty of homes for sale but not much in the way of rental accommodations.  Those on fixed incomes are limited in housing opportunities.

“I also want to see jobs developed in Louis Creek.  Sometimes people do have to move away for good paying jobs, but it would be ideal if we had good employment here.”

Sabyan says she is looking forward to the challenge of the election.

“I really want to continue representing the citizens of the municipality, and being accountable to them for the next four years through transparent and open government.”

In closing, Sabyan advised citizens; “Get out and vote – have your voice heard.  One vote does make a difference.”

You can contact District councillor incumbent Amanda Sabyan by calling 250-320-1968.