Election 2014: Barriere councillor incumbent Glen Stanley

Incumbent Glen Stanley says her really enjoys the job

Glen Stanley

Glen Stanley

After seven years as a councillor for the District of Barriere, incumbent Glen Stanley says he has put his name forward again because he hopes to be able to continue working for his community.

“I really enjoy it,” said the incumbent, “It’s been a huge learning curve, but I have learned lots of stuff and feel I have a lot more to give.  I also feel there is unfinished business that I would like to see completed, like the sewer project and the splash pad.”

Stanley, a Barriere resident for 57 years, says he served 25 years as the president of Barriere Minor Ball, and before incorporation 13 years on the Barriere Parks Board.  He was also the chair of the Barriere Incorporation Study Committee.  All positions that have instilled in him a deep and ongoing interest in where the community is going and how it gets there.

“That’s what really drew me to the Incorporation Study,” said Stanley, “We had laid stagnant for so many years.  There wasn’t much happening, people lived status quo.  I don’t think incorporation hurt us at all.  Without it we would still have a field of dead trees, no parks, no sewer, and no Louis Creek Industrial Park to help with our tax base.  I think incorporation has benefitted the community.”

Asked about the significant milestones since incorporation Stanley answered, “The parks.  They are a living landmark for Barriere.  People stop at Fadear Park and walk the oval and they enjoy the fitness centre. The field house and the fact we were able to get rid of the ‘gravity flush’.

“The Bandshell was something I tried to get going before the 2003 fire.  I had all the proposals done up, just didn’t have the funding to do it at the time.

“The acquisition of the Tolko site, which I think will be good for the District.  Once we get it up and advertised we hope to have people pounding on the door, the more businesses we can get into the Industrial Park the more it will take the load off the resident tax payer.  Also, the acquisition of the HY Louie building that we have already tidied up a bit.  We have no plans to do anything else with it right now as the District has a lease with School District 73 to use the Ridge for awhile.”

Stanley’s says his election platform is, “To be fiscally responsible and to finish the sewer project on budget.  To keep tax increases for only what the community needs, and to keep a fiscally responsible budget that is not going to be raising taxes for something that is not needed.”

“To be transparent,” said Stanley,  “This is something that has always been important to me, even when I was Chair of the Incorporation Study Committee.

“To go after grants for infrastructure improvements.  To enhance economic development and work to enlarge on bringing tourism into the area.

“To keep working with the Splash Pad Committee; it seems everybody wants it we just don’t have the money to do it, although the Lower North Thompson Community Forest Society have shown interest in partnering with us.

“And I also want to keep up a good working relationship with our partners to the North, the Simpcw.  I think it is important to keep good relations with First Nations.”

Stanley’s vision for the future of the community?

“To make Barriere a vibrant and safe community that people will be proud to say “It’s home”,” said Stanley, “To make the community a place to raise families.”

If you would like to contact District of Barriere councillor incumbent Glen Stanley, call 250-672-5597 or his cell at 250-819-3300.