Election 2014: TNRD Area ‘O’ incumbent Bill Kershaw

Thompson Nicola Regional District Area ‘O’ director incumbent Bill Kershaw ready for another four years

Thompson Nicola Regional District Area ‘O’ director incumbent Bill Kershaw told the Star/Journal he is seeking the position because it allows him to advocate within the Lower North Thompson communities for improvement to their services.

“I believe I have served in this capacity well, and hope residents agree,” commented Kershaw, “While I am also currently a councillor for the District of Barriere I will not be seeking re-election for that position.  Both the position of TNRD director and councillor for Barriere require a lot of time and dedication, and due to the heavy workload of both I feel I can best serve if concentrating on only one.  There is also a perception of conflict of interest while doing both jobs, and residents must feel their elected official is looking after their best interests.”

Kershaw says that as area director he sits on several committees including;  chair of Lower North Thompson Tourism, vice-president of the BC Yellowhead Highway Association, the North Thompson Labour Market Study, and chair of the TNRD Solid Waste Committee.

“I’m retired now, I have the time, and I have the knowledge of the area,” said Kershaw, “After 20 years of doing this job you have a pretty good handle on where we are, what we do and what the TNRD represents.”

Asked what he sees as milestones during the last four years as regional director, Kershaw replied, “I was the original proponent for the Louis Creek Eco Depot, and instrumental with the planning and arrangements for the septage waste disposal in Barriere, and we now have a brand new fire truck in Little Fort thanks to gas tax funding.”

Kershaw noted that Area ‘O’ partnered with the District of Barriere to provide funding for upkeep and maintenance of the McLure Wildfire Monument site, and he worked on getting the water quality improved for the Maple Mission system.

He also stated, “I’ve been instrumental on Lower North Thompson Tourism, and have provided ongoing support for the North Thompson Agriplex”.

Asked about what his election platform will be, Kershaw answered, “We have to prepare – tourism is coming this way; as Adams Lake and the Shuswap areas fill up tourists are now coming to our area.”

He noted that due to the fact forestry and mining are not providing the economic stability required by the region tourism can fill that void.

Kershaw says his vision for the future of the area involves getting started in actively promoting tourism now.

“We need to advertise this area as a destination,” said the incumbent, “People will start in Barriere and go from here into the surrounding area. We are anchored by Wiegle in the north and Sun Peaks in the south, and need to develop enough facilities to service the area.

“We need to promote this is a good place to live.  People want a good safe place to live.  A safe place to leave the family while dad might have to go away to work.  We do have that here in the Barriere area.”

Kershaw says his vision also involves, “A good road system leading to the communities all up and down the valley.”

He notes that Area ‘O’ is large and diverse, “As Area ‘O’ director I will continue to represent the entire area with pride, and be prepared to assist those working towards improving our valley.  Please get out and vote, that is the key.”

You can contact Bill Kershaw by calling 250-672-9641, cell 250-319-4770 or email: wka1224@telus.net.