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Fair Princess a BC Ambassador candidate

Barriere’s Katelyne Bonin is a candidate in the BC Ambassador Program for 2011.

By Katelyne Bonin

2011 B.C. Ambassador Candidate

Having the good fortune to participate in the North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo Association’s Pageant Program; being lucky enough to earn the title of NTFFRA Princess and join the 2009/2010 Royalty team, has now opened a door for me to once again become a candidate.

I am so proud to now announce my candidacy as the official representative of the North Thompson Valley, spanning from Heffley Creek to Blue River, in the up coming 2011 British Columbia Ambassador program.

The British Columbia Ambassador Program is an annual event that for 2011 will take place August 12th and 13th, in Merritt, B.C.  Any young lady or gentleman, ages 17 to 23, who has previously held an Ambassador or Royal title in British Columbia is eligible to participate in this outstanding program.  All candidates who partake in the program are entitled to apply for bursaries and scholarships provided by both the B.C. Ambassador Program and several participating post-secondary institutions. Each year, three members are chosen to represent the youth of our beautiful province, and as a part of their duties, they will travel throughout British Columbia promoting the following mandate:

Education, Motivation and Self-Esteem!

The mandate of the British Columbia Ambassador Program is to:

• Nurture provincial leaders of the future.

• Promote and assist with the expenses of post-secondary education.

• Forge links of friendship and understanding throughout B.C. communities.

Over the next several months I will be very busy fundraising, promoting the B.C. Ambassador Program, preparing, rehearsing and studying, while also traveling throughout our breathtaking North Thompson Valley. During my travels I am looking forward to meeting and speaking with all those that make this Valley such an incredible place to call home; all the while learning what makes the Valley uniquely special to them.

I am currently in the process of fundraising and obtaining my sponsors. Any individual, business or organization is eligible to become a sponsor or give a donation. Please know that 100 per cent of all monies raised goes towards bursaries that will be awarded back to the 2011 candidates; assisting them to fulfill their dreams of further education while working towards promising futures.

To discuss all the benefits of donating to this valuable program please feel free to contact me at 250-672-0273 or email: and I will be happy to get back to you.

I am very proud to have been given the honour of representing and promoting all of our wonderful communities throughout this great Valley. My sincerest hope is that I will make the North Thompson Valley proud.