Fall Fair holds AGM

North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo Association gathered on Nov. 12 for their annual general meeting and potluck supper

Members of the North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo Association gathered on Nov. 12 for their annual general meeting and potluck supper, with a good number in attendance. Those who attended reported the number of “yummy” desserts that turned up “truly appeased even the toughest sweet tooth”.

Retiring president Donna Kibble thanked the executive, directors, and members for stepping in and helping out this year when she had to move back from her duties as her husband John battled cancer.  Kibble was excited to let everyone know that John was on the road to recovery and would be home in two days.

“I can’t thank everyone enough for how much you have done this year,” said Kibble., “And I want to especially thank Jill Hayward who stepped into the president’s position on short notice and kept things running smoothly.”

Kibble also made a special thank you to association treasurer Leslie Stirling, noting, “Leslie is the glue that keeps us all stick together,” at which time she gave Stirling a giant tube of glue, amidst much good hearted laughter.

Jill Hayward made a presentation to Wendy McDermott who was stepping down as Pageant Convener.  “Wendy has turned our fall fair pageant into something special, that we can all be proud of.  The girls who go through the program that Wendy has put together are a credit to the pageant, to our fair and to the North Thompson Valley, and we want to thank Wendy for her dedication to the program.”

Next on the agenda was the election of officers, directors, and a number of fair conveners for 2010/2011.

Elected to the upcoming term were:  President – Jill Hayward, vice-president Karl Rainer, treasurer – Leslie Stirling, correspondence secretary Nora Johnson, entry secretary Carla Fennell, directors Dick Ross, Donna Kibble, and Jane Milburn.  Directors with one year remaining are Ken Beharrell, Pam Simpson, and Wendy McDermott.

Conveners elected for the upcoming term are: Baking – Kim Fennell, Beer Gardens – Helen Fraser and Axel Reese, Boys and Girls School – Jodi Schilling, Canning – Florence Beharrell and Charleen Proznick, Children’s Activities –  Donna Kibble, Children’s Parade – TV Players Bev Murphy, Dairy Goats – Kelly Searle, Dance – Sharon Spooner and Axel Reese, Fall Fair Parade – Ken Beharrell, Farm and Home – Jane Milburn, Fine Arts – Yellowhead Artists Coop Jesse Maisonneuve, Fruits and Vegetable – Karen Irving, Heavy Horse Events – Cindy Stutt, Hobbies – Bob Stirling, Light Horse Events – Darcy Woods, Photography – Anja Mitchell and Elizabeth Sigalet, Poultry and Birds – Clayton Searle, Ribbons – Nora Johnson, Sewing – Donna Irving, Sheep – Gai Conan and Shirley Wittner, and Sunshine Lady – Geordie Salle.

It was noted that a convener is needed for the Information Booth, and anyone who may be interested is encouraged to contact the president.

It was also noted that the convener job descriptions for the positions of Pageant, Stage Coordinator, and Booth Rentals are currently being restructured as they have not been reviewed for many years.  These will be reported on at the January 2012 general meeting.