Farm fresh produce to be featured on more plates this summer in Barriere

New coupon program offered thanks to Yellowhead Community Services and Barriere Farmers Market

For some families and seniors it can be difficult to add healthy options to their daily meals. Lack of finances can often be a barrier for those who would otherwise love to shop at their local farmers market.

This summer, Yellowhead Community Services has partnered with the Barriere Farmers’ Market to make healthy options accessible to more families.

The Farmers Market Nutrition Coupon Program, an initiative of the BC Association of Farmers’ Markets, will provide participants with the resources to purchase B.C. products such as fruits, vegetables, fresh cut herbs, nuts, dairy and meat.

It was felt that this program was a great fit for our community. Not only do program participants receive farm-fresh food, they also meet farmers, pick up new recipes, and learn how to include the market in their meal planning strategy.

The farmer’s family benefits as well, and the funds stay in the community or region and support the local economy.

Participants take part in a series of workshops like canning and preserving, which are organized by Yellowhead Community Services.

When participants attend the market for the first time they are often treated to a market tour from the manager, kids get to taste sweet fruits, and shoppers can ask questions on how to cook unfamiliar vegetables.

“Our objective is to encourage participants to try new foods and explore the diverse amount of produce available in their own community,” explains Peter Leblanc, Farmer’s Market Nutrition Coupon Program Manager.

Shopping at farmers’ markets is an experience that should be inclusive to all and Yellowhead Community Services, and the Barriere Farmers’ Market are working towards making that a possibility.

Funding for this program is provided by Healthy Families BC.