Fennell says he will rethink political future

Fennell conceded to the defeat, saying, “The voters have spoken.”

Bonnie CruzellMyram’s alternate for TNRD Area ‘O’, Mike Fennell, says he agreed to run for the position of director when CruzellMyram had passed away earlier this year; wanting to “continue the good work she has done for Area ‘O’, and the projects she had underway”.

However, that was not to be as voters cast their ballots last Saturday in the byelection, and Bill Kershaw won the seat over Fennell by just nine votes.   Fennell conceded to the defeat, saying, “The voters have spoken.”

Fennell says he does have concerns about the fact that Kershaw is currently serving a term as councilor for the District of Barriere, which is also represented with a director on the TNRD board.

“I hope he remembers which hat he’s put on in the morning.” said Fennell.

Fennell, who has previously stated he will be taking a run at the District of Barriere mayor’s chair again in two years time, now says the lack of voter turnout in this byelection was discouraging, and it has made him rethink his future in politics.

“However, if in 18 months enough people want me to run for mayor, I will certainly be willing to do just that,” said Fennell.

He noted that serving four years as Barriere’s first mayor, “The District of Barriere accomplished a lot in that time.”

“However, I’m disappointed in what the present council has been able to accomplish in the past 12 months,” said Fennell.