Fire by brake check on Hwy 24 quickly extinguished

Jim’s Market proprietor and Little Fort resident, Pam Jim, says a fire that started the afternoon of July 16 just up Highway 24 from the Highway 5 Little Fort intersection had firefighting crews on it very quickly.

Called the Eakin Creek Fire by BC Wildfire, the blaze was just above the brake check on Highway 24. It was first thought the fire might have been caused by a still smoldering lightening strike, but is listed on BC Wildfire as ‘suspected cause unknown’.

Jim says helicopters and attack crews were very quickly on the fire, and by the next day it was in mop up stage.

She added that a loss of power issue at the store the night before, as well as the multiple fires in the valley has triggered her to add the following.

“As we all know the fire season is here and we need to be ready for anything anytime,” said Jim, “Please, everyone keep prepared. Keep your vehicles fueled up. No power no store, as we don’t have a generator. Ensure you have a minimum of a couple weeks prescriptions on hand. Keep easy to prepare foods and snacks. Put all your important papers and such in a bin or box. How will you cope if there is a power outage, and keeping extra water handy could be helpful.”

And for those who have pets and livestock, “If you have animals and have to evacuate have you thought of an evacuation plan if needed? There are people to assist in large animal evacuation if needed [Facebook NTA-EVAC or call 250-319-0129, or 250-674-8105] If you can have a plan in place ahead of time it can help a lot.”


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