Four way stop to go in next to Barriere post office

The corner at the Barriere Town Road and Barkley/Salle intersection is to become a four way stop

The District of Barriere held their first summer regular council meeting on July 16.

First on the agenda was the final adoption of the Wastewater Holding Tank Bylaw No. 94, which was passed.

Council passed a motion to approve the wording of a letter to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) regarding the Yellowhead Highway #5.  The highway as it passes through the District boundaries had been vested in the municipality upon incorporation, and now needs to be transferred back to the province for road purposes.  The letter includes a request that MOTI also resume ownership of the small length of Agate Bay Road that is currently held by the District.  The letter will now be sent.

District CAO, Colleen Hannigan reported on several projects.  The Wastewater Project is progressing, with the District receiving approval to use “own force labour” for the Project Supervisor/Superintendent position.  This will be a huge advantage, as it means a savings on the cost of bringing an outsider in and paying for their lodging and transportation.

The Water Meter Project is going very well, with only a few homeowners left to comply.

A final plan has been drafted regarding turning the corner at the Barriere Town Road and Barkley/Salle intersection into a four way stop.  Signs have been ordered, as well as concrete ring barriers, all of which will be installed between Aug. 6 and Aug. 20.

Staff have received complaints regarding trucks using airbrakes around the corner by the high school.  To remedy this, council passed a motion to get two signs that say ‘Avoid use of air brakes’, which will be placed at strategic points along the stretch in question.  Staff will also contact the RCMP to request that they monitor the area.

Councilor Smith requested that a thank you letter be sent to Stamer Logging for putting up the welcome sign at the triangle.

Councilor Stamer reported that the gazebo at Fadear Park has been painted, and is almost finished.

Councilor Paula reported on the Household Waste plant in Halifax, and the Sewage Treatment plant in Bear River, Nova Scotia, both of which she toured while on holidays in the area.

Councilor Stanley thanked staff and the Bandshell committee for all their hard work for both the Canada Day celebrations and for the first two Barriere Bandshell Friday events.  Mayor Humphreys and several other councilors added their thanks as well.

Barry Thorn asked if council thinks that there will be a huge increase in the traffic down the alley behind the post office once the four way stop is in place.  Council members replied that while there may be a slight increase, they do not anticipate a huge increase.

Margaret Houben reported to council that the potholes are back at the corner of Highway 5 and Borthwick (near the Gilbert Smith Mill).

Barriere Fire Chief Al Kirkwood reminded all present that there is to be absolutely no burning in the District of Barriere until further notice, and that this ban includes campfires.

The next general meeting of the District of Barriere council will be on Aug. 20, at 7 p.m.