Free Dump Day for Heffley Creek on May 29

The Thompson-Nicola Regional District has held numerous Free Dump Days around the region, and received a positive response from residents.

In 2011 so far the TNRD has held eight Free Dump Days (Lytton – April 3; 70 Mile – April 10; Clinton – April 10; Logan Lake – April 17; Barriere – April 17; Savona – May 1; Chase – May 8; Westwold – May 8).

“Basically the Free Dump Day means residents can bring up to $20 worth of refuse to the dump free of charge,” said Adriana Mailloux, TNRD Environmental Services technologist.

“Since we introduced tipping fees at our landfills and transfer stations free dump days have become a great way to transition into a future model of a true Pay-As-You-Throw system.”

Currently four more are already scheduled in 2011 (Lower Nicola – May 15; Blue River – May 15; Clearwater – May 28; Heffley Creek – May 29).

So far the TNRD has received information as to individual loads from residents for the following Free Dump Days: (Chase – 130; Lytton – 106; 70 Mile – 33; Clinton – 132; Logan Lake 149; Savona – 110; Westwold – 30; Barriere – 264).

“This is also a great way to help beautify your local community and help continue our push towards increased sustainability in the region,” added Mailloux.

For more information about Free Dump Days call the TNRD at 1-877-377-8673 or email: