Free tire recycling collection program in Barriere, Apr. 26

Clear out some prime mosquito breeding habitat around your home

This spring, you can easily clear out some prime mosquito breeding habitat around your home!  And you can do it for free.

The Thompson-Nicola Regional District and its Mosquito Control Program contractor BWP Consulting Inc are providing a free, passenger tire drop-off opportunity in the municipality of Barriere, as well as Chase and Kamloops.

Any old passenger vehicle tires or transport tractor-trailer tires (no agricultural tires), with or without rims, can be dropped off for recycling on Saturday, April 26, between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., at Barriere Secondary School, 4811 Barriere Town Road.

Contractor Cheryl Phippen says, “Many people may not realize that just a small amount of water inside any old tires sitting around their property can create the perfect breeding ground for mosquito larvae.   By safely recycling these unwanted tires at any of these four free, drop-off locations you’ll remove opportunities for mosquitoes to reproduce around your home.  That helps protect you, your family and neighbours from the nuisance insects and reduces the potential risk of spreading West Nile Virus.”

There are excellent resources available to help you and your family during the mosquito season.  Visit the Mosquito Control page on the Regional District website for information about the program.