Full agenda at recent District of Barriere council meeting

Full agenda at recent District of Barriere council meeting

Several committee recommendations were passed at the February 20 District of Barriere Council meeting.

The Parks committee recommended, and Council passed, that at this time Council support the proposed placement of bird and bat houses, butterfly and humming bird garden plantings, and a naturalist’s assessment of the proposed ECO park area, and further, that more research into the location and design of a fish viewing platform be undertaken with the results brought back to the committee for consideration at a future meeting.

Council also passed the recommendation that a maximum of $5,000 be transferred to the Economic Development budget to be slated to be used, if necessary, to facilitate a Local Business Trade Show in 2012.  The date for this Trade Show will likely be in May or June.

Council members passed a motion to extend the current District Municipal Engineering Consulting Services Contract with True consulting Group for an additional two years to December 31, 2013.

Executive Assistant, Tasha Buchanan, reported on some funds received by Council for the Barriere Community Garden.  Early in 2011, with the help of staff, Liz Gilbertson submitted an entry on behalf of the Barriere Community Garden to the Pepsi Refresh Canada Project voting contest, for a $5,000 grant to aid in the insstallation of an automatic sprinkler system and for the construction of a shade structure within the garden.  While the submission came within one position of winning the grant, unfortunately, it was not successful.  However, common voting strategy within the contest was to align your project with other projects in other categories in a ‘you vote for us, we’ll vote for you’ type arrangement.  Barriere made some strong alliances within the contest, with some of those equally deserving projects actually winning their grants.

Barriere must have made a positive impression on some of the individuals participating in the contest, as the District was contacted by those individuals who wanted to send in monetary donations to the Garden.  These donations came in from across Canada and totaled $1,200.  A reserve account for the donations has been set up for the funds to be used towards the sprinkler system installation.  A press release will be submitted to the media in the spring acknowledging the financial contributors to the project.

The North Thompson Valley Garden Club is making plans to complete this project at the beginning of the spring and will be actively seeking volunteers to help with the trench digging, removal of old pipe, and helping with the installation of the system where needed.

Council members then passed a motion to provide an in-kind donation of one day’s staff time for two employees to install the system in the Garden, and to donate in-stock materials valued to a maximum of $100 to this project.

Mayor Humphreys proclaimed March 2012 as Community Social Services Awareness Month. “Whereas, community social services are vital to the quality of life of all British Columbians, and whereas, community social services in B.C. include services for children, youth and families; Aboriginal peoples and communities; people with disabilities; people and families dealing with mental health and/or substance use problems; people in community justice services, including correction services, victim service programs and violence against women programs; women and their families in transition houses or sexual assault centres; individuals involved in community projects, employment training programs and community rehabilitation services programs; as well as early childhood development and child care, community living supports, multicultural, settlement and immigrant services; and more, and whereas, the availability of these supportive services helps improve the quality of life for everyone, while making our communities stronger, socially responsive and more stable; and whereas, greater recognition and understanding of the critical role these services play in our communities is needed to ensure their continued accessibility, availability and improvement, and whereas our Lieutenant Governor, by and with the advice and consent of the Executive Council, has been please to enact Order in Council 903 on October 11, 2002; now know ye that we do by these presents proclaim and declare that March 2012, shall be known as “Community Social Services Awareness Month” in the District of Barriere.”

Councillor Smith reported that she took part in the Emergency Social Services evacuation reception centre on the evening of Sunday, February 19, which took place due to the armed standoff on Birch Lane.  Mayor Humphreys thanked all the ESS members who took part in this event.  He also requested that staff send a letter of thanks to the RCMP for all the officers who came out during this difficult event.  In particular to Corporal Underhill who kept the District advised on the situation both during and after.

Council moved to send a letter of support to Barriere Search and Rescue who are applying to have permission to have lights and sirens on their vehicles.

Council then adjourned into a closed session.

The next District of Barriere Council meeting will be on March 5, at 7 p.m.