Full agenda for Barriere council last Monday

Council requests a meeting with the long range planners from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

The aluminum frame for the greenhouse structure portion of Barriere’s Solar Aquatics Wastewater Plant started to go up last Tuesday.

The aluminum frame for the greenhouse structure portion of Barriere’s Solar Aquatics Wastewater Plant started to go up last Tuesday.

Ministry of Transportation Highway 5 Planning:

Council’s request to set up a meeting with the long range planners from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) to discuss future plans for the development of Highway 5 has been sent to Paula Cousins, who is now the MOTI Assistant Regional Manager for this area.

Part Time Accounting Clerk Hired:

Theresa Robinson has joined our team and will become the Finance Officer’s primary back up. She comes to from a career in public sector accounting with many years of school district experience. She and her husband have recently built a home on Barriere Lakes Road, and have already become active with the local curling, club where she is currently serving as their treasurer.

Wastewater Project Update:

The aluminum for the greenhouse structure portion of the Solar Aquatics Wastewater Plant has now been delivered to the site and a crew has started its erection.

LNB is in the final stage of re-cameraing the lines after repairs were completed in the downtown core over the last few weeks. The district’s engineer will review the video for compliance, and once they are satisfied road prep for paving and boulevard restoration will start in those areas. A target date of May 18 has been set for paving on Barriere Town, Haig, Salle, Kivi and Barkley roads.

Should property owners have any specific questions or concerns regarding their own property, they should contact Colleen Hannigan at the district office directly.

Staff meet weekly with the contractor to be updated on progress and address any issues.

A special council meeting has been called for Monday, May 4 at 7 p.m., for council to consider some additional paving instead of patching in certain areas of the project.

Terra Archaeology, supported by an assistant from Simpcw First Nation, has cleared the rest of the line on Railway Avenue except for a short portion where the Timber Mart fences are in place. Instead of removing the fence twice, they will return to the site the day LNB is laying pipe at this location.

Bree Contracting is currently making the laneway connection between Lilley Road and Kamloops Street. This will allow the Knights Inn, the adjacent strip mall and the Community Hall to connect in this first phase.

Strategic Priorities Fund Applications:

Two applications were submitted on April 15 for up to 100 per cent Gas Tax Funding for the completion of water and wastewater upgrades from Barriere Town Road’s south end near the PetroCan to Bradford Road, and for two new deep wells and a reservoir.

Bandshell Fridays:

Councillor Sabyan and Tasha Buchanan report they have the Friday nights almost 100 per cent booked for July and August. If there are any students that would like some volunteer hours by helping the sound technician set up and tear down, please contact the district office as soon as possible.

EMBC Spring Preparedness:

The Mayor, CAO Hannigan and two members of the local Emergency Support Services (ESS) group attended the Spring Preparedness session put on by EMBC in Kamloops.  Highlights from that event include:

• Meteorologist, Lisa Coldwells, explained that temperatures have been three to four degrees above normal and that this will continue through the summer.

• The PDO (Pacific Decadal Oscillation—which measures the sea surface temperature anomalies) indicates that 2015 is 2.42° degrees warmer. These types of indicators have been linked to higher than normal forest fire seasons.

• The River Forecast Centre advised there is a minimal chance of spring flooding in our area.

• Hugh Murdoch, Forest Protection Officer, also cautioned there may be a high possibility of forest fires due to increase in temperature and less precipitation.

• The RCMP and TRU have been working on a “mock” disaster for the last two years to ascertain how the university would deal with a crisis.  It is planned to have a scenario whereby “live shooters” enter the clock tower at the university, which would effectively shut down the campus, there would be casualties, etc.  There are 26 buildings and 400 acres which means communication, etcetera would be critical.  This is also a training exercise for the RCMP Special Response Unit.  The mock disaster is to take place on May 14, with people attending from Alberta, the USA and the Lower Mainland to view the event.

• There were also presentations regarding: Provincial Influenza Pandemic Plan; BC Ambulance Dispatch and Patient Transfer; Lumby Flood Protection; and, Managing Tailing Ponds.

Mayor meets regarding Animal Shelter:

A request was made to meet with the mayor, by two young women, Aurora Sabyan and Ashley Docherty, expressing an interest in starting an animal shelter in Barriere.  It was determined, after much discussion, that at this time it was not possible to build and support the operation of a shelter but perhaps they could explore a local foster program for all types of rescued animals.  Ms. Sabyan and Ms. Docherty have started an Animal Lovers Club at the elementary school, and have the support of their family members and friends on this initiative.  It was noted that if enthusiasm could build this shelter it would be erected tomorrow.

National Missing Children’s Month and Day:

The mayor, upon council’s approval, proclaimed May as Child Find’s Green Ribbon of Hope month and May 25 as National Missing Children’s Day.   Citizens of the community are urged to wear a green ribbon as a symbol of hope for the recovery of all missing children; and to remain vigilant in the common desire to protect and nurture the youth of this province.

First meeting of the Communities in Bloom Committee:

Some of the suggestions for CIB committee projects in the community this year are:

• Most unique feature in a front yard.  May be submitted by photo, and then Ellen Monteith will go and take more photos.

• Small unique planters that can be put on the stage of the bandshell for the “Meet and Greet” barbecue, and having the CIB judges award the prizes.

• The CIB committee will take care of the redwood planters at the front of Fadear Park and at the Ridge again this year. They will be planted with similar colours to last year.

• It was agreed that the “Meet and Greet” for the judges would be a barbecue at Fadear Park with entertainment provided by the Thompson Valley Players youth. Local non-profit organizations will be invited to have displays around the oval.