Garden club planning workshops

North Thompson Valley Garden Club

At the September meeting of the North Thompson Valley Garden Club, president Dean Goddard announced he was stepping down as president due to personal reasons.  Vice president Franz Friesinger will take over the duties of president until the elections in January.

There was a report on the Harvest Festival: The net income, after expenses, was $334.16.  While the attendance was a bit less than last year, it was still a great event.  Thanks to all who helped make it the success it was.  One suggestion for next year’s Harvest Festival was to hold it from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. and not serve lunch as this was the most work and least profitable portion of the festival.

There was some discussion regarding the Community Garden itself and what the club’s responsibilities are regarding its upkeep and general maintenance.  This needs further discussion and a major review of how to get things done in the garden.  This past year, too few were trying to do too much, and this has generated some discontent amongst the members.  The District of Barriere will be approached to get their input as well.

The Garden Club is also hoping to do a series of organic food and gardening workshops, with an emphasis on food quality and preservability.  The workshops would be designed to be season appropriate and would evolve as the seasons change.  They would be a ‘hands on’ experience with lots of information to take home. “It is better to teach a person to fish for a lifetime, than to give them a fish for the day.”

The workshops would include such topics as: Canning/Pickling; Fermenting; Jams and Jellies; Milk Products; Soaking Grains and Making Stocks; Market Gardening; Permaculture/Biodynamics; Soil Preparation; Seed Saving; Bug Control; and Home Hygiene (chemical free cleaning products, etc.).

The club is also open to suggestions of other topics for workshops and encourages those interested in participating or those with suggestions, to attend the next garden club meeting.

The next meeting of the Garden Club will be on Oct. 16 at 1 p.m. with a talk on pruning to follow at 2 p.m.  The Nov. 20 meeting will be followed by a wreath making workshop.