Getting down on the farm


Pompoms, streamers, rosettes, banners – check; masking tape and rope – check.  Now, what to decorate… well let’s see, maybe the pickup, or perhaps the mini-van?  It’s time to start gathering and arranging everything needed to decorate your entry for the Fall Fair Parades, whether it is the main parade on Saturday or the family parade on Monday.

This year the theme of the North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo is “Down on the Farm”.  So – what will YOU pick for your float theme?  Will it be a barnyard, scarecrows, or based on the song “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” or the book “Huckleberry Finn”?  What kind of costumes (if any) will you dress up in?  Cowboys and cowgirls, or straw hats, coveralls and britches?

The main parade has prizes for the Best Float (commercial, club, and group), Decorated Cars (commercial, group/club, and individual), Antique Cars, Best Costume – Walking (group, individual and comic), Best Horse and Rider (authentic, comic, group), and Best Horse Under Harness.

The family parade has prizes for Decorated Tricycle, Decorated Bicycle (pair, group and individual), Motorized Unit (which includes scooters!), Decorated Wagon, Decorated Stroller, Best Dressed Cowboy, Best Dressed Cowgirl, Best Dressed Super Hero, Best Costumes (general), Costumed Child and Pet (pair, group and individual), Costumed Child on Horse (pair, group and individual), and Best Group on Float.

Keep these different categories in mind when deciding on what your entry in the parade will look like.  Compete with friends and neighbours for the prizes and encourage everyone you know to come out and watch.