Happy retirement Silvia

Friends and former co-workers of Silvia Lazowski wished her a happy retirement on June 12

This time the plate is for herself to enjoy.  Silvia Lazowski

This time the plate is for herself to enjoy. Silvia Lazowski

Friends and former co-workers  of Silvia Lazowski  gathered  together on June 12 in Jarek Kotlewski’s garden to celebrate her retirement.

After 23 years of working for Jarek at the Station House Restaurant in Barriere, Silvia will be greatly missed by the staff, and by all the customers who new her by name as she moves into a well-earned retirement.

Silvia says she had actually worked longer at the restaurant than 23 years, as she worked for the businesses former owner, Dave Baines, for two years before he sold the restaurant to Jarek.  Silvia stayed on though, and after more than two decades there, it is easy to understand why folks will miss her.

When asked what her position at the restaurant was, Jarek said, “I don’t know how to answer that, she was able to do whatever had to be done.   I could always depend on her, when I was not able to be at work, I was certain that she would be there in my place.  She gave me peace of mind, I knew that all would be well at the Station House with her in charge.  Although Silvia was not officially the manager, she was efficient, knowledgeable and simply was my ‘right hand person’. I wish her  great retirement years filled with joy, pleasure and good health.”

Everyone present enjoyed the good food and being together with friends, even the youngest guests had a good time playing and enjoying the tasty sweet treats.