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Hey kids, time to write up some holiday magic

The contest is open to students and home-schooled students

It’s time for youngsters throughout the North Thompson Valley to write up some Christmas magic for the Star/Journal’s Annual Christmas Story Essay Contest.

The holiday season is the perfect time to be creative, especially for area youngsters who we annually encourage to take up the challenge and compose their own story for this newspaper and our readers. The contest is open to students and home-schooled students in two divisions, from kindergarten to grade 7.

This year we ask our young writers to tell us a story in 400 words or less about one of the three following themes:

#1 – Santa’s sleigh is out of date and he wants new tech. Describe what cool new features you would add to his sleigh and how they work.

#2 – The reindeer are just too old and can’t fly anymore. What animal flies in their place and why?

#3 – Someone stole the cookie decorations. Who did, and how do you get them back?

Once you have chosen one of the above themes for your story, it’s time to let your creative imagination put the words down.

The deadline for entries to be in to the newspaper office is Friday, Dec. 4, at 2 p.m. Once we have all of the entries they will be reviewed by qualified story judges who will provide us with the results.

Winners in each age group will be announced in our Dec. 17th issue.

Prizes for each division are: First $25, second $15, third $10.

Division 1 – Kindergarten to Grade 3

Division 2 – Grade 4 to Grade 7.

We request any stories that have been typed to be emailed to us so we do not have to retype; otherwise scan or take a clear photo and email to: news@starjournal.net, or you can drop them off at the Star/Journal office, #3-4353 Conner Road, Barriere.