Highlights from April 17, TNRD Board Meeting

Highlights from April 17, Thompson Nicola Regional District Board Meeting

Investigator Ralph Krenz provided a presentation that explained the function of the Independent Investigations Office of BC (IIO). The IIO was created to conduct investigations into police-related incidents of death or serious harm to determine whether or not an officer may have committed an offence.

• Hobby Farm Operations at 1585 Lance Road, Pritchard, B.C.

A public hearing was held and third reading was given for South Thompson Valley & Pinantan OCP Amendment Bylaw 2458 and Zoning Amendment Bylaw 2459. The bylaws will enable continued use of the property for a small hobby farm with a meat cutting operation and farm gate sales, as well as allowing the applicant to potentially undertake service commercial uses in the future.

• Alternative Waste Collection Service in Electoral Area “N” (Beautiful Nicola Valley-South)

First 3 readings were given for Service Establishment Bylaw No. 2462, which affects Electoral Area “N”. The Brookmere transfer station was scheduled for closure, but an alternative waste collection service has been proposed for Area “N” that would allow the site to remain open. The alternative service would be funded through taxation of Area “N” residents and would cover the costs of an attendant, hauling, site maintenance and tipping fees. Changes to Building Permits and Fees After 18 years of no fee adjustments, Bylaw Regulations Amendment Bylaw 2464 was adopted, bringing numerous changes to the building permit process, such as:

• Increase of the building permit term from two to three years.

• Increase to the base permit fee from $6 to $8 per $1,000 construction on the first $100,000.

• Increase from $5 to $6 per $1,000 on the balance of construction.

• Removal of the $500 cap on the five per cent fee reduction for projects under professional supervision.

• Upgrades to the Pavilion Theatre, Pritchard and Paul Lake Community Water Systems

Through the Federal Gas Tax – Community Works Fund a number of projects in the TNRD are receiving funding, including: HVAC System Replacement at the Pavilion Theatre:

• $5,000 from Area “I”

• $2,000 from Area “L”

• $3,000 from Area “O”

• Area “P” contributed to a number of projects:

• $100,000 for the Pritchard Community Water System Upgrades.

• $100,000 for the Prichard Community Sewer System Upgrades.

• $130,000 for the UV treatment for the Black Pines, Evergreen and Pritchard community water systems, and Pritchard and Paul Lake community sewer systems.