Highlights of Mar. 3, council meeting

a final draft of the District of Barriere Zoning Bylaw is now ready to circulate publicly for comment

The 100th Anniversary committee brought forward two recommendations to the Mar. 3, District of Barriere council meeting.  The first was that council approve the creation of a separate committee specifically for the Splash Pad and that they (council) appoint the five recommended committee members.  After a brief discussion, this recommendation, as worded, was defeated.  While council had no objection to there being a separate committee for the Splash Pad, they did not want the members to be appointed by council, but to be a ‘community’ committee rather than a ‘council’ committee.

The second recommendation was to approve spending up to $200 from the 100th Anniversary budget to complete a professional design of a metal plaque legacy piece.  Once the design has been completed it will be formally presented to council for approval at a future council meeting.  This recommendation was approved.

Council had received a grant request from Alex McDonald, who will be competing in the Cross Country Ski Nationals in Cornerbrok Newfoundland in March.  They approved a grant-in-aid of $250.

District CAO, Colleen Hannigan reported that a final draft of the Zoning Bylaw is now ready to circulate publicly for comment.  Over the next month it will be available on the District website.  Properties that are affected by the proposed zoning change will be notified by mail, and a public meeting will be advertised for the end of March.

It is anticipated that the bylaw will be able to go to council for first and second readings at the beginning of April.

Council members approved the one year extension of the General Backhoe Services Contract with Quality Contractors.

The next District of Barriere council meeting will be on Mar. 17, at 7 p.m.