Highway 5 near Barriere keeps RCMP busy

The Barriere RCMP had 53 call for service over the last week

The Barriere RCMP had 53 call for service over the last week.  There were 21 traffic related files with three impaired drivers, one excessive speed, one drive without due care, 13 driving complaints and three collisions.  In most cases the vehicle was located the driver charged.  Many of the driving offence complaints provided good driving behavior details, the license plate and driver description allowing the police to stop and appropriately deal with the drivers.

The weekend was busy with many visiting people in Barriere and area with mostly minor calls for service.  There was a large police presence through the weekend with two to seven members working at any one time.  The two large events in the area were well organized, well attended and did not provide any policing issues.

On Aug. 24, the Barriere RCMP received a complaint from Canada Post that a number of the rural post office boxes have been targeted and damaged.  Barriere RCMP are asking rural area residents to take note of the people and vehicles that are at these locations especially in the late evening and early morning hours when there is little to no traffic.  The vandals and thieves will target these areas when they are not likely to be seen.  If you see any suspicious persons or vehicles please take note of the license plate, description of the vehicle and or person and report them right away to the police.

On Aug. 18, at 11:30 a.m. a couple from Alberta were traveling south on Highway 5 near McLure, the male driver took his eyes off the road briefly to put away the water bottle he was drinking from, noticed he was going off road right and tried to correct.  The vehicle struck a pole and the truck flipped over on the highway closing both lanes of traffic for over two hours.

On Aug. 22, at 10 a.m. Barriere RCMP attended a two vehicle collision where a motorcycle clipped the rear of a car and impacted the road surface.  There was a car turning left on the highway that stopped quickly, a second car behind that stopped in time and the motorcycle attempted to stop in time but could not, colliding with the rear of the car.  The driver sustained major injuries and was airlifted to Royal Inland Hospital for treatment.  There were no injuries to the two female occupants of the car.

On August 23, 2012 at 3:00 pm Barriere RCMP responded to a two vehicle collision at Highway 5 and Russell Street.  A pickup was traveling northbound on Highway 5, turning left onto Russell Street.  While stopped on the highway a white car traveling northbound collided with the rear of the pickup causing severe damage to both vehicles.  The female driver of the car was issued a violation ticket for driving without due care and taken to Royal Inland Hospital by BC Ambulance.  The driver of the pickup sustained minor injury while the female passenger of the pickup was also taken to Royal Inland Hospital by BC Ambulance.

There have been other recent collision’s over the recent weeks with similar circumstances.  The two main similarities with the recent collisions is the driver not paying attention to the road causing the vehicle to go off road and following to close to the car in front of them.  It is very difficult to stop quickly and with heavy traffic volume and different vehicle types the stopping distance is much different as well.  All road users need to leave more space, always watch the road ahead of you as well as checking your mirrors periodically and look past the vehicle that is directly in front of you.

If you stay aware of all you surroundings and drive to the conditions on the road, meaning traffic volume and environmental conditions, you will have a much better chance at a successful trip and avoiding a disastrous situation.

We  still have a couple more weeks of heavy holiday traffic so please pay attention and arrive safely.

Submitted by Cpl Darin Underhill, NCO i/c RCMP Barriere Detachment