History of the No-Host Bazaar

The purpose of the Bazaar was, and still is, to allow individual groups to raise funds for their own project

Margaret Koblun

Margaret Koblun

Back in 1974, the Ladies Auxiliary of the Barriere Fire Department decided to start a No-Host Bazaar.  The first several years, the Ladies Auxiliary hosted this event, and eventually other groups began to take turns as ‘host’.    The purpose of the Bazaar was, and still is, to allow individual groups to raise funds for their own projects.

The Bazaar was designed specifically for non-profit groups and the original idea was, that as each group signed up for a table, they would specify what they would sell at their table – and they were not allowed to sell the same thing as any other group already signed up.  So, if group A said they’d bake pies, group B had to bring something else … perhaps cookies, and group C would have to chose something else, perhaps knitted hats and scarves, and so on.

While the No-Host Bazaar is still only for non-profit groups, after 38 years there have been a few minor changes, the main one being that some duplication of items can and does happen.  Many tables will have raffles as well as their usual baking or crafts.

Each year a different community group ‘hosts’ the Bazaar, charging a minimal table fee that is primarily set to cover the cost of renting the venue and any advertising.   Back in 1980 the table charge was $6; this year it is $10.  Traditionally, any table fee monies left over after the expenses are paid, are donated to a local charity.

The host group usually has first dibs on the concession (kitchen), but other groups sometimes run it if the host group doesn’t want it.

This year marks the 38th Annual No-Host Bazaar, which will take place at the Fall Fair Hall on November 17.  With over 60 volunteer organizations in Barriere, if they all take a table this could be a huge event.  If your non-profit/volunteer group wants a table, contact the Barriere Curling Club, who are this year’s hosts.