Hobbies are popular at the North Thompson Fall Fair

Start Getting Ready For The 2012 North Thompson Fall Fair & Rodeo

I love hobbies.  There is just never enough time for all the hobbies I’d like to do, unless I only spend a few minutes on each, which wouldn’t be fun at all.  When I get to work on a hobby, I want to spend at least an hour or two at a time on it.

Choosing which contest to enter in the Hobbies section for the Labour Day weekend’s North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo competitions (Section 9) is a hard decision.  At least, it is if you only want to enter under one category.  Of course, you can enter as many as you like, but then you have to make something for each category you are wanting to enter – which brings you back to a time crunch – how much time do you have?

Let’s see… there’s leather work, pottery, fabric printing, clocks, tables, mosaic tiles, stained glass, metal craft, fly tying, duct tape (duct tape is a hobby?), plastic canvas, paper tole, puppets, and those are just some of the Division A categories.

Division B is strictly wood related items: carving, caricatures, burning, inlay and a variety of other categories.

If you are into native crafts like buckskin clothing, bead work and dream catchers, you want Division C; while if you are dealing with a disability, you can enter your creations under any of the classes under Division D.

Most of us collect something; personally, I collect stamps, old books (and any books for that matter), miniatures, and moose – while the rest of my brothers and sisters collect items like maps, containers, thimbles, spoons, and more. Division E is the section to look at.

There are also divisions on ceramics, Christmas, recycled material, wall hangings, hand painting, and jewelry – something for just about anyone.

Pick up your copy of the Fall Fair Catalog, or contact the Hobbies convenor Bob Stirling at 250-671-5706.  You can also find all the information on our website:  www.fallfair-rodeo.com.