Hospice Bike Challenge riders will head out Sept. 11

Hospice Bike Challenge, Barriere

The 3rd Annual Bike Challenge for Hospice House, Sept. 11,   kickoff will be in front of the North Thompson Funeral Homes in Barriere and Clearwater at 1 p.m.; closing ceremonies and refreshments at Little Fort Hall, approximately 2:30 p.m.

Four bike riders from Clearwater and four from Barriere,  along with invited dignitaries Cathy McLeod, MP, Terry Lake, MLA, John Harwood, Mayor of Clearwater, Mike Fennell, Mayor of Barriere, Bonnie CruzelleMyram, TNRD Director of Area “O”, Tim Pennell, TNRD Director of Area “A” are scheduled to take part in the opening kickoff and/or  the closing ceremonies.  Everyone from the North Thompson Valley is welcome to attend the kick off and closing ceremonies as well.

For the past month volunteers have gathered “guesses” from dozens of North Thompson  Valley residents.  For a $2 donation, residents have tried to guess the exact location on Highway 5 where the riders will intersect.

The riders from Barriere will leave the North Thompson Funeral Home parking area at 1:00 p.m. on Sept. 11, heading for Clearwater.

The riders from Clearwater will leave the North Thompson Funeral Home in Clearwater at exactly the same time, heading for Barriere.

Whoever guesses the exact spot where the riders will intersect (or is closest) will be declared the winner and will have their name inscribed on the Hospice Cup.  All donations received will go toward building a hospice house in Little Fort.

Jean Nelson is coordinating the riders from Clearwater (250-674-2327) and Ward Stamer is assembling the team for Barriere (250-672-5162).

At the conclusion of the Bike Challenge for Hospice House, riders, dignitaries and residents of the Valley will gather at the Little Fort Hall for the closing ceremonies and the presentation of the Hospice Cup. Refreshments will be available at the Lions’ Club Food Kitchen.

Community support for this event has been extremely positive since it began three years ago.  Corporate sponsorship has also been very strong.  This year, the event is being organized by the newly formed North Thompson Valley Hospice House Society.  President is Steve White (250-677-4284) and vice-president is Drake Smith (250-674-3030).  Bike Challenge for Hospice House coordinator for 2011 is Linda Verhoeven (250-677-4447).