How to calculate your municipal tax rate

Calculating your municipal tax rate if you own property in the District of Barriere

The District of Barriere Budget for 2012 is finalized, and tax rates have been set for the municipality.

If you are a property owner within the District you may be waiting to calculate what your taxes will come to this year.

Here is the General Municipal Tax rates for the District of Barriere in 2012.  Keep in mind, this is only the municipal portion and does not include the Regional Hospital, Regional District, School, Police, BC Assessment Authority or Municipal Finance Authority Tax rates.  For a full list of all the rates, please contact the District of Barriere office.

To determine what your general municipal tax comes to, take your assessed value, multiply it by the rate noted below, and divide by $1000 – this will give you a dollar amount.

• Residential – 3.20070

• Utilities – 20.00440

• Supportive Housing – 3.20070

• Major Industry – 11.68257

• Light Industrial – 11.68257

• Business & Other – 8.00176

• Managed Forests – 9.60211

• Rec/Non-Profit – 3.20070

• Farm – 3.20070