(TNRD website photo)

(TNRD website photo)

Is there a better time to go to the dump?

TNRD seeking feedback on hours of operation at waste management facilities

The Thompson Nicola Regional District (TNRD) is seeking input from area residents to ensure that the hours of operations at their waste management facilities best serves the needs of the community.

The TNRD currently operates two landfills and 27 Eco-Depots and transfer stations throughout the region to provide solid waste disposal facilities for its residents.

“Respondents have until Sept. 29, 2021, to complete the survey,” says Andrew Roebbelen, TNRD Waste Reduction Coordinator, “Every site has a unique survey to address comments and concerns that we’ve heard over the years.”

Roebbelen adds that based on feedback received, recommendations for changes of hours will be brought to the TNRD’s Board of Directors meeting in October.

“Some sites can expect to see little to no change in the hours of operation, while some communities in the region have experienced significant growth which this survey aims to capture,”says Roebbelen, “We likely won’t be recommending an increase or decrease in service hours, but rather a shift in the days or times of day that our sites are open.”

To learn more about waste management in the TNRD, visit: https://www.tnrd.ca/services/garbage-recycling/



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