Kids join National Cupcake Day for SPCA

As of press time Matlock had brought in $169.40, from the sale of cupcakes,

(L to r) Matlock Brown

(L to r) Matlock Brown

February 25 was National Cupcake Day for the SPCA.    Local resident Peggy Brown, and her son Matlock, were looking on-line at the animals in the Kamloops SPCA one night, when they saw the link to the Cupcake Day promotion.

“It just so happened  that Matlock’s birthday was on February 25 as well,” said Peggy, “He turned 12 this year.”

“When he saw the opportunity to do something  fun,  and raise awareness and much needed funds for animals; and that the event was also on his birthday,  he jumped at the chance to be a part of  this fundraiser.”

Matlock then asked his Barriere Elementary teacher, Mrs. Kerslake,   if he could have a cupcake sale, and if anyone would like to help?  The discussion was brought to the whole class,  and a few eager kids jumped forward.

“So,  we signed up on the National Cupcake Day website, and we began taking pre-orders for cupcakes by the dozen,” said Peggy, “We sold 12 dozen  quite quickly, and we had most of them delivered before the twenty-fifth.”

Peggy says she started baking on Sunday, Feb. 24, and with the help of Judy Armstrong,  the moms made approximately 20 dozen cupcakes.

Later that afternoon,  they packed everything up and headed for the Christian Life Assembly Church kitchen.

“They graciously donated the space for us to ice and decorate  our cupcakes,” said Peggy, “The kids showed up eager, and ready to jump in; and with hands washed and everyone in aprons,  we got started.”

Peggy notes that they ran out of icing at one point, so she had to run home and make another batch.

The cupcake team consisted of Judy and Seanna Armstrong,  Megan and Corrina Booth,  Sara Sabyan, Payden Irving, Peggy and Matlock Brown.

“They all did a fantastic job, and I would like to say thank-you for all the help,” said Peggy.

On the morning of the twenty-fifth,  the Browns loaded up 10  flats filled with  two dozen cupcakes each and headed for the elementary school.

“Even though it was a Monday,  the kids were ready for us,” said Peggy, “We set up our tables, and when the recess bell rang,  we were swarmed.  At the end of that 15 minutes,  we had sold  $75  worth of cupcakes, and there about seven dozen left.”

As of press time Matlock  had brought in $169.40,  from the sale of cupcakes,  but he had also raised $250  on the Cupcake Day website, bringing the total to $419.40.  He still has until March 18 to submit all monies raised to the account.

If anyone would like to contribute,  you can go to   and click on  “sponsor a participant.  Then type in the name, Matlock Brown.    The name will come up and you can follow the prompts which will direct you on how to donate.


“Thank-you to everyone who helped to make this a success.  We couldn’t have done it without you,” say the Browns.