Laskovic and Art Council partner to open gallery

The North Thompson Arts Council now has of 20 of their members signed up for six months

Barriere artist

Barriere artist

There is no doubt that the grand opening of the Armour Mountain Art Gallery, in Barriere on Aug.  16, was an exiting event. Thanks to Lana Laskovic of Armour Mountain Office Services, and the North Thompson Arts Council, the dream of an art gallery in the community came true.  Due to their work and partnering on the project, there is now a public venue for artists to display and sell their work year round.

Lana says that after opening her bookkeeping and office services business, she considered extending the office space to add an art related section to the establishment.  A number of artists in the area had already exhibited their work in her current office, and when they and Lana discussed the possibility of expanding into an adjacent art gallery;  it was not long before an agreement was worked out that suited both parties.

The North Thompson Arts Council now has of 20 of their members signed up for six months to display their work in the art gallery.  The gallery space is paid for by the contributions of the participating members.  The more members the lower the contribution required to keep the gallery open.

Lana’s contribution is staffing the gallery, handling sales, and helping promote the artists and the Art Council to the public.

“Getting the gallery ready was a huge job, “ said Lana, “Wayne Broomfield, a local artist, also became a hands-on worker to get things done. Wayne was actually the one who got it all going; he worked hard, he painted everything, helped to put things in place, and hung all the pictures. He deserves a big thank you from all of us.”

On opening day, many people filled the gallery, and even overflowed to just outside.  They visited with the artists and admired their creative work. There were great snacks and coffee, as well as cold drinks served and enjoyed all around.

One visitor commented, “I am amazed to see such variety of art work, there are great paintings, photography, carvings, and more; there is so much talent in our area that I had not really been aware of until now.  I am sure this place will be an attraction for residents and visitor alike.”

Just before she cut slices for everyone from a large decorated cake, Lana said, “I would like to thank the community for their interest and am looking forward to seeing more visitors and new artists. I’d also like to say a personal thank you to Mayor Bill Humphreys, council members Virginia Smith, Bill Kershaw, Pat Paula and Amanda Sabyan who attended the opening today; and of course to all the artists who showed their work. I hope everyone enjoys the art we have displayed here.”