Libraries are so much more than books…

To the Editor:

I got this idea from a library journal and adapted it for Barriere:

A Slow Day at Your Rural Library…

Helped a patron apply for their home owners grant online.

Explained the difference in the puzzle sizes to a young patron wanting to know if I’ve ever made a 3000 piece puzzle before. He was curious after seeing one on our puzzle swap area.

Sold a DVD to a patron for $1.00 from our book sale shelf.

Packed up a bag of materials for a class for a teacher to be picked up the next day.

Called a patron back who left a message asking about some BC electrical guides.

Set up a BC OneCard with a grandparent visiting from Richmond. Used their Richmond library card and added them to our system so they can borrow books.

Called a patron about their Crafts to Go package.

Helped a student access the Internet, print an assignment and make colour copies.

Requested an Inter-library loan for an obscure book we don’t carry, but we can bring in from another library system in BC.

Signed up three families for Summer Reading Club.

Explained what Hoopla is and how a teen could watch movies for free, like Netflix for libraries!

Celebrated with every patron who came in excited about their second vaccination.

Showed a few folks how to use the self checkout.

Gave a couple a map of Barriere.

Explained to a lady how to package up the batteries in a plastic ziploc bag for recycling and showed her where the box was to drop them off.

Prepared materials for delivery to a home through Library Home Service.

Packaged materials for a ‘Library to Go’ takeout bundle.

Libraries are so much more than books…

Pam Rudd

Branch Head, Barriere Library

Thompson-Nicola Regional Library



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