Little Fort residents not happy transfer station hours are going to be reduced

A reduction of 16 hours per week in the winter months and 22 in the summer at the transfer station

A number of residents in the community of Little Fort are stating their displeasure regarding a recent notice given to that community by the Thompson Nicola Regional District (TNRD) in regards to solid waste removal.

The notice includes an hours of operation survey and states, “The hours of operation at the Little Fort Transfer Station will be reduced because of low customer count.  Beginning October 1st, 2015, the transfer station will operate eight hours per week year round.”

This is a reduction of 16 hours per week in the winter months and 22 in the summer.

The notice states that the TNRD is seeking feedback from the community’s residents to assist in determining the operating schedule that best suits community needs.   Six questions are provided seeking input on residents preferred options: four hours a day two days a week or eight hours a day one day a week; what days or day of the week, and what hours.

Residents say they are not happy that there was no prior consultation about the large reduction in hours, and they wonder if the next step will be the loss of their transfer station altogether?

“We all pay taxes to the TNRD and what do we get for it,” said one lady, “All we’ve been getting is our garbage taken away, and now they want to cut that down too.”