Log truck stolen and stripped

If you saw anything suspicious on Sunday, Aug. 11, or on the Monday, Aug. 12 please contact the Barriere RCMP

In the early hours of Sunday, Aug. 11, the M. Allen Logging company of Brennan Creek had their shop truck stolen.

It was recovered later, but had been completely stripped of everything it had contained, including thousands of dollars worth of tools, the radio, and anything else removable.

“Our company has supported many local families over the years,” said Tracey Allen, “We are very disappointed and discouraged by this theft.”

Allen noted that whoever did this must have had access to a hoist, as some of the tools in the truck were very heavy and would have needed a hoist in order to have been taken off the truck.

Some of the tools stolen included an old yellow arc welder, a brand new air compressor, plus several tool boxes full of heavy duty tools.

Allen also noted that the truck was spotted at the Esso Station in Barriere, around 2 – 2:30 a.m. on Monday, Aug. 12, prior to the truck being found.

Police do have the surveillance cameras from the service station to help them catch the suspects.

“We estimate that the worth of what was stolen is well over $100,000,” said Allen, “A loss that will be hard for our little company.”

If you saw anything suspicious on Sunday, Aug. 11, or on the Monday, Aug. 12, or if you hear of any tools beings sold at suspiciously low prices, please contact the Barriere RCMP who are investigating this crime, or call Crime Stoppers’ tips line at 1-800-222-8477.