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Love can last forever!

Barriere’s Richard and Delores Peterson mark 65 years
Delores and Richard Peterson’s special day began with a tour around Barriere in an elaborately decorated family car to celebrate their milestone of 65 years together. (Kathy Cooper photo) The Peterson’s were treated to a special day by family to mark the couples 65th anniversary. (Kathy Cooper photo)

On Sunday, Oct. 30, two lovebirds celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary.

Richard and Delores Peterson’s special day began with a tour around Barriere in an elaborately decorated family car.

“Thank you to the many well-wishers who gave a thumbs up and complimentary horn honks,” said one of their three daughters Kathy Cooper, “The wedding couple had some concerns about the possibility of receiving hate mail as the parade of wedding cars broke all the city noise by-laws with their horns honking. We hope that folks didn’t write down the license plate number.”

A small intimate dinner at couple’s home was shared with their daughters and an out-of-town cousin. Throughout the dinner, Richard ans Delores received many well wishes and photos from their 12 grandchildren and 20 great grandchildren.

Much laughter and tears were the order of the evening, with shared stories encompassing 65 years of family life together.

Glasses were lifted to toast the day and voices were raised in songs of the past.

Their family asked, “What advice would you give a young couple who is just getting married?”

To which both were quick to reply.

“I just feel you’ve got to be forgiving,” said Delores.

While Richard’s response was, “Never go to bed mad at each other. Your mom and I joke that once we didn’t go to bed for a week!”

Throughout the many joys and struggles they have shared in their 65 years of married life, this couple have remained committed to each other, and have provided their family with a wonderful example of perseverance, stability, loyalty and love.

Love can last forever!

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