Lower North Thompson Community Forest updates

Tree planting was completed in early May and totaled 100,000 seedlings

UBC summer interns

UBC summer interns

The Lower North Thompson Community Forest Society reported in their recent newsletter their sixth Job Creation Program (JCP) through the Ministry of Social Development was approved and is now underway.

Rick Proulx has been hired as supervisor of four participants who will be gaining work experience and training.  The 2015 project runs from April 2015 to March 2016 and includes clearing and maintenance of existing trail systems in the Hoover Lake and Skull Mountain areas.

They will also be completing invasive plant treatments and clearing the cattle access routes in the Skull Mountain area and fence line clearing on Dixon Mountain.

The participants will also gain certification for various courses such as Power Saw Safety and Danger Tree Assessment. The community forest has also allowed for tree planting and brushing opportunities. Total funding for this project is $280,000.

Brushing treatment in the

Community Forest

The LNTCFS also announced they were selected to host two summer interns from the University of British Columbia (UBC) Faculty of Forestry.

Simone Levesque is currently completing her second year of the Natural Resource Conservation, while Karen McCloskey is completing her third year of the Forest Resource Management Program.

Both students are enthusiastic and eager about further developing theirs skills within the environment of the Lower North Thompson Community Forest.

Operations Update

Harvesting operations over the past winter were focused in the South Lake, Wikkiup Creek, and Dixon Lake areas of the community forest and consisted primarily of rehabilitation of low volume cedar birch stands and pine salvage.

Stamer Logging and DRB Contracting are the contractors involved in these projects. LNTCFS current plans are to haul the remaining decked logs from the Wikkiup area through the summer and recommence harvest operations and site preparation activities this fall.

Tree planting was completed in early May and totaled 100,000 seedlings.

The Society adds they will continue utilizing teabag fertilizer with their planted trees to improve establishment, reduce future brushing costs, and improve long-term growth.