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What about mirrorless cameras?

This past week I got a neat little Canon EOS-M mirrorless camera in my shop, and as I always do when I get a camera to sell that I am unfamiliar with I took it home for a test run.

The smoke filled sky makes for very even light these days so it was a good day to see how the little mirrorless cropframe camera worked. Like the rest of the popular mirrorless cameras it has interchangeable lenses and I gave it’s 22mm and 16mm lenses a try. I have had the chance to try both a mirrorless Fuji XT1 and Xt2. I have also shot with a Panasonic, a Canon EOS R and I have a Nikon V1 mirrorless.

I suppose I could get into comparing sensors, features and image quality, but I leave that to those that enjoy reviewing cameras. I am a user and cameras are just enjoyable tools to me and I am of the opinion that photographers should choose a camera that best suits the kind of photography they are interested in.

I liked every one of the mirrorless cameras I have had the opportunity to try. They are compact, easy to operate and have a good selection of lenses. Now that the lockdown we have all been enduring is loosening up there will again be the opportunity to travel. And for those of us that like to bring our camera gear along a space saving, compact, mirrorless kit is the perfect alternative to a large ten-ish pound bag containing a DSLR camera, flash and several lenses.

I have had my Mirrorless Nikon V1 for several years. It is now discontinued with the new larger sensor feature packed models taking it’s place. I wouldn’t recommend it for someone wanting to make big 16×20 print enlargements, but for most people’s home computer screens it is just fine. And I can easily move through a crowd to do street photography without so much as a notice.

The mirrorless Panasonic with two lenses I sold ended up in Africa. It was easily packed on a bicycle and I understand made great photos of gorillas and elephants.

I have a friend that developed arthritis in both thumbs making it painful to carry his DSLR with a telephoto lens. He switched to the much smaller and lighter mirrorless Fuji camera that even with a telephoto lens allowed him to shoot in comfort.

I can go on with stories people that like to travel have told me about why they chose to get a mirrorless camera. I expect I will eventually move on to a newer mirrorless than the one I own, although I am in no hurry. It is perfect for the kind of photos I take with it.

I’ll keep my large DSLR with all the lenses I have gathered over the years. I don’t see myself going on long excursions that require a lighter load. And for the mostly roadside scenic that I do, a trunk load of equipment isn’t a big deal. However, I haven’t visited New York since 1965.

Yes, I think the modern mirrorless cameras are a great alternative for those that want a smaller, lighter, more compact camera kit. Manufactures are offering new models constantly, and for those photographers like me that are on a budget, that means lots of used cameras are being offered for sale.

Stay safe and be creative. These are my thoughts for this week. Contact me at www.enmanscamera.com or emcam@telus.net.



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