Cold ducks huddle on a partially frozen river, Jan. 1, 2022. (John Enman photo)

Making Pictures With Professional Photographer John Enman

Photography: A great way to start 2022

I decided I should begin my New Year with some photos down by the river.

The temperature was -18c and there was a brisk wind blowing, but it was the first day of 2022 and in spite of the not-so-hospitable weather I was determined to begin my year with some photos no matter the cold. So I won’t come off as some rough and ready woodsman, I’ll admit here that my friend Jo was driving me around in her car with the heater on high. I could wander the riverbanks till my fingers got cold and stiff, then hustle back to the warm car to thaw out for a few minutes and change lenses.

I like riverbank in the winter. The snow and ice make interesting designs and there is always something poking out of the snow that I can get visually creative with.

I wanted to try out a Fuji mirrorless I acquired just before Christmas. I had been thinking about taking a step up from my little Nikon 1 mirrorless camera for quite some time. I liked the small compact quick focusing Nikon V1. Even adding a 30-300mm lens to the bag didn’t take up too much space and that little kit made for a great travel pack.

My move to the Fuji was mostly because I wanted try it’s “retro” style. The Fuji XT line now goes to XT5 and has additional “pro” level models. However, as superb those new models are I had been searching for the earlier Fuji bodies, an XT1 or Xt2. I wanted a camera body that was close in size to the Nikon V that I have enjoyed so much in the past few years. I tried other manufacturers, but I found an XT1. And like the Nikon, I have two lenses and a flash to use with it.

Using the Fuji XT1 is very much like using a film camera from the 1970s. Mostly dials without many buttons. It’s a fun little “retro’ feeling digital camera. I wandered the cold river edge making pictures. The light was flat but not dark and it was easy to build contrast by under exposing slightly. There were two trucks parked with occupants sitting, smoking (I assume) cigarettes while watching the river. Maybe they weren’t allowed to smoke in their home.

Jo drove me to the top of the bridge so I could get a shot of a raft of ducks huddled together out on the ice. She stopped, I jumped out, and she drove on so as not to block other cars. As vehicles passed I would rush from the boardwalk to the other side of the bridge, make some pictures, and run back before another car zoomed over. Eventually Jo returned and we drove to the next snowy location.

I’ve written many times that its is great to have a photo partner. And one willing to do the driving is special. I know Jo had her camera, but I think she was tired from the late New Years festivity.

Well, I’m happy that I spent my first morning of 2022 doing some scenic photography. I can only hope (I really want to be optimistic) that this new year will give me lots of opportunities to spend time wandering with my camera.

Stay safe and be creative. These are my thoughts for this week. Contact me at or


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