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Another fun time at the Vancouver Used Camera Sale

April is here and off we went to the spring camera sale.

When we left Kamloops the day was sunny with a mild breeze, but the drive up the Coquihalla Highway became overcast and wet, a few miles on there was snow on the roadside, then some on the road, and then we stopped. Large transport trucks were parked, unable to move on the now icy road.

We waited until a tow truck made it’s way past us on our left, then I put my foot on the gas and with a bit of sliding pulled left in my Honda Accord (with studded tires) to follow it and easily pass all those immovable big trucks, and in only a few miles the roads cleared and it was sunny and dry all the way to Vancouver.

The day of the camera sale was good. Pandemic restrictions have been lifted so there wasn’t a limit on how many people could congregate, and wearing a mask is now up to each person.

Jo McAvany and I set up our table at 7:30 a.m. As usual there were lots of “hellos” to those friends we only know and see at the camera show. Then at 9 a.m. the event began. I had noticed the line up waiting to get in and was prepared for seven hours of standing and constantly talking about cameras.

One of the interesting things I know about the Vancouver Camera sale is there are many people that only come to look at and talk about cameras, not to buy or sell, just look and talk. You know, that’s a good way to spend the day.

There are also the regulars that are always there, they walk round and round and have something to say at every table. I always recognize them and wonder what I have that they are interested in, and what will they tell me this time. They’ll pick up a camera, ask questions, and tell me what they think before moving to the next table.

There are always people that give me advice about some camera or lens, and they don’t hesitate to interrupt someone I am trying to sell to. They have expert information about the item and we wait patiently as they talk, I usually say “thanks” and as they leave I ‘hopefully’ continue selling that camera or lens to the person that was interrupted. I can’t be impatient or upset, that’s just part of the used camera show experience. And when that expert returns later to give me more advice or to continue what he was talking about 20 minutes ago (or start over again repeating what he said) I just take a breath, smile and let him enjoy the day.

In all the 29 years I have been attending the Vancouver Camera sale I have never witnessed a heated argument. It’s a fun day for photography enthusiasts.

I always meet and talk to memorable people that are as excited about photography as I am. Excitement makes for an enjoyable day. That’s what keeps me making the long drive to Vancouver every year.

The famous poet Walt Whitman wrote, “Do anything, but let it produce joy.”

I drive to Vancouver, find a neat restaurant to have supper at, wander the waterfront and photograph the night-lights. Get up the next morning, have a great day at the camera sale, then find a neat restaurant to have supper at, wander the city waterfront with my camera again, get up the next morning, go someplace to do more photography (this year we went to the Tulip Festival) then make the drive back home, talking all the way about the camera sale and the places we photographed.

Stay safe and be creative. These are my thoughts for this week.

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