Making Pictures With Professional Photographer John Enman

Making Pictures With Professional Photographer John Enman

Photographing Fallis Pond on a warm spring evening

I had been wondering how the pond up the road from my home was changing, since my last visit was only a week ago when there were geese and ducks wandering around on a thin layer of ice.

The surrounding fields were just starting to turn green, and the pond inhabitants seemed ready for spring. On that visit, other than a noisy goose on the hill warning everyone of my presence, the pond was quiet.

This time I checked my Honda manual and there wasn’t a stealth mode, so I suspected the geese would be hidden away nesting and doubted there would be any birds at all to photograph.

As I pulled up and rolled down my window I was bombarded by a cacophony of sound. The sounds were not so much a warning as a celebration.

I pulled the car around and stopped at a high flat spot on the road so I would be out of danger from country drivers more intent on getting home along the winding road than watching for a parked car.

Although I had my camera and lens ready, I just sat for a while listening to the discordant music of that country pond. There must have been hundreds of singing birds hidden out of sight.

As for the geese, I could see a few searching heads in the distance and one big fellow guarding by the fence line.

The sun was low and the pond was reflecting colors the that ducks swam through.

Not wanting to return with an empty memory card, I took the opportunity to photograph a couple I spotted huddled close by, and a bird or two perched on lifeless reeds still poking out along the pond’s edge.

I could have sat there till dark enjoying the evening concert, but I decided to head home, driving slowly in hopes of seeing other subjects in the fading light.

I’ll return in a week or two just to keep up with the changes. There won’t be goslings or ducklings for me to photograph for about 30 days, but the pond is only a short drive from my home, and I am sure there will be lots of “spring” opportunities to photograph as I wait.

I’ll be in Vancouver later this week with my camera. The substantial change of scenery will be invigorating. I am going with friends that plan to do some night photography of the city lights. Ahh…the exciting life of a photographer.

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