McLure to Little Fort: From 12 schools in the 1950’s to only four today

only four schools remaining open the last few years to 2012: Barriere Elem. and Sec., Brennan Creek, and Neqweyqwelsten Schools

Since 1901 there have been a number of schools in the North Thompson Valley that serviced the area of McLure to Little Fort.  As times and demographics change,  so has the number of schools.

• Little Fort School from around 1893 to 1998

• North Thompson West/McLure School from 1901-1950

• Louis Creek School from 1908 to 1988

• Barriere River School from 1910 to 1967

• Chu Chua School from 1912-1984

• Barriere Valley/Forks School from 1914-1951

• Barriere Powerhouse/Floral Creek School from 1916-1951

• Squam Bay School from 1916 to 1965

• Chinook Cove School from 1916 to 1968

• Cahilty School from 1917 to 1963

• Darlington/Darfield School from 1926-1949

• Blucher Hall School from 1928 until sometime after 1950

• Barriere Secondary School from 1952 to current

• Brennan Creek School from 1958 to current

• Barriere Elementary School from 1964 to current

• Neqweyqwelsten School (Chu Chua) from 1982 to current

• Barriere Ridge School from 1984 to 2004

From the 1920’s to the 1950’s there were a dozen schools open at the same time; after which the numbers slowly began to drop, with only four schools remaining open the last few years to 2012: Barriere Elementary and Secondary, Brennan Creek, and Neqweyqwelsten Schools.