Meet the candidates for TNRD Area ‘O’ – part two

Second candidate for the Area 'O' Director position with the TNRD

Bill Kershaw

Bill Kershaw

Bill Kershaw

Bill Kershaw is currently serving his first term as a Councillor for the District of Barriere, he is  also a board member of Community Futures in Kamloops, where he served as chair for four years.

Asked why he wanted to take on the position of TNRD Director for Area ‘O’ if elected, Kershaw replied, “Because previously I did that job for nine years, and feel it would be a flawless transition.  I have done some checking around and most of the major issues that are out there are pretty much the same as before; library, and solid waste management which is going through some major changes that were started when I previously was serving on the TNRD Board.”

Kershaw has made Barriere his home for the past 40 years, says,  “We’ve come a long way, and I see we are coming to a part where I see a lot of opportunity for the valley here right now.”

Asked if he felt people would perhaps perceive there might be some conflict of interest if he not only wore a District of Barriere Councillor hat, but also a TNRD Area ‘O’ Director hat?  Kershaw said, “There’s no conflict of interest.  I think it will enhance what’s going on.  We can be effective working with agriculture and tourism in outlying areas.  Now we have the Agriplex and the fall fair grounds in Barriere, and we have to work together to get full value out of what we do have.  Working together we have to really cooperate.  We only have one set of taxpayers, and we have to get the best value for our dollar all the way through.  The District doesn’t just promote itself, we promote trails, fishing, etc.  They may not be in the District, but if the region does good, the District does good, and vice versa.”

Kershaw said his life is “made up of two things.  The municipal work I do, and the hours I work for Stamer Logging.  I have time to be Regional Director as well.  At my age you have to be really, really busy, otherwise you just sit around.”

Kershaw notes his main priority for Area ‘O’ is the Eco Depot and solid waste management. “I haven’t been totally out in the area to see what other priorities might be.”

He also adds he will “proudly promote the area – the Lower North Thompson Valley, and work with the Agriplex and the Rec Societies to really get things rolling in our area.”

Kershaw says he thinks the Wildfire Monument site in Louis Creek should be a joint venture between everybody.  “It takes more than the District, and I think everybody should participate.  It is a well-done project; the volunteers run it but they still have to fundraise.  People get tired of doing the work and raising the funds as well.  We have to have a lot of volunteers and support to make things work.”

Kershaw says the quick fix for the area is tourism.  “We have more and more motorists going by.  We have to find how to make them stop.”

Kershaw also notes that he has connections that can help get projects moved along.  “I have always been able to get along with the working people – that’s my life.   If people want something bad enough I will fight for anything within reason for them.”

“My pet project is to bring us all together so we can work as a group.  Because we are tourism based; Little Fort, Agate Bay, Louis Creek, the District, the Fall Fair, we have to work together.”

Kershaw says if he returns to the TNRD Board it will be advantageous to the area.  “Serving on council at the District of Barriere you are one vote of seven, in the Regional District you have more of a say for the whole region.  We are doing well compared to a number of other areas, but we have to remain well represented.”

Kershaw summed up his interview by saying, “I am not running against Mike as a personal thing at all.  I saw a job posted and so did Mike, and we both applied for it.  Now it’s up to those 700 people out there in Area ‘O’ to decide who gets it.”