Meeting tonight for licensed local contractors regarding wastewater treatment plant

as the mayor sees it with District of Barriere Mayor Bill Humphreys - local contractors

I have received more than a few calls, letters and emails around the proposed changes to the speed limits on Highway 5 through Barriere.

In general the concept put forward by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure was not well received.

There was no agreement as to what is the best scenario. Everyone did agree that they want to have their say before any changes take place.

In the summer months, meetings such as this are not generally held. Any meeting will have to happen after the Labour Day weekend.

The district will try to arrange a public forum in the fall. We need to remember though that it is the MOTI that has the final say on what happens with the highway.

Speaking of what is going on, there will be a meeting for local contractors with Mr. Rink of EcoTeck on Aug. 8, at 7 p.m., in the multipurpose room at the Ridge. The meeting is for licensed contractors only, and is meant to allow local companies to have an opportunity to bid on portions of the new wastewater treatment plant.

An email was sent out to any of the local contractors that attended the meeting earlier in the year, but it is possible that some may have been missed.

I was asked by the organizers of the meeting to remind those that might be interested. I apologize for the short notice.

The tender bids for the collection portion of the sewer system were recently opened and are currently being reviewed. There were seven bids submitted.

This shows a good interest in the project. I want to thank all those companies that did submit a bid for your time and effort.

Last November 27, at a Public Works meeting, there was an  initial conversation around what the applicable utility rates would be for those served by the new sewer system.

At that time the number of households to be included in the first phase of the system had not been determined, so the topic was set aside.

The collection design is complete for the first phase, and we now know which residences will be served.

It is time for this issue to be brought forward and dealt with. The district will have these conversations during the Committee of the Whole meetings. Anyone with an interest should attend so that you can hear what is proposed and how the decisions around the rate structure are made.

I want to remind everyone that none of this process is secret. Council tries very hard to be open and transparent in all that it does.

It is best to actually hear for yourself what is said, as well as who it is that says it. Second hand news is like a coffee shop rumour,  and can be as inaccurate.

The minutes of both regular council meetings and committee meetings are a summary at best.

It is my opinion, that as a council we are here to serve the wishes of the residents of the district.  Members of the public are welcome to have input at all open district meetings. This is an important cornerstone to the democratic process. Residents need to be involved during the decision making process, not as a protest group later. Please come out and see for yourself.

The province has recently brought in new initiatives around how recycled products are handled. This will have an effect on how we handle our recycling here in Barriere and in the surrounding districts. For those of you interested the website is:

The program is confusing at best, but we are working with the TNRD to find a solution that will best fit all those that live in our area.

What looks like a good idea has some possible problems depending on how the materials are collected. When we know more, I will let you know.

We are halfway through this year’s Bandshell Friday program. Councillor Sabyan, the bandshell committee, volunteers and district staff have spent many hours putting together the entertainment. I urge all of you to come down and enjoy the fruits of their labours.

Musicians are always needed and an honorarium is paid. Attendance is free.  Please support them.