Multi-media artists display their works at the Armour Mountain Art Gallery beginning later this month

North Thompson Arts Council Arty-Facts - multi-media artists

Bringing joy to life.  Isabella Brooklyn is a multi-media artist who expresses mindfulness of all the moments in life that bring joy.  You’ll notice it in the straight forwardness of a single black stroke, to complexities in the intensity of colour. She is a painter, photographer, sculptor and whatever else tickles her fancy.

Christine Kashuba’s inspiration for creating images begins with something that challenges her curiosity, and makes her ask what the story is.  Working with printmaking, painting and photography, she embrace diversity and continues to explore and integrate a variety of media, gravitating to the one that tells the best story.

Both of these artists will be the featured artists of the month of September at the Armour Mountain Art Gallery.  They will be on hand to meet and greet gallery visitors on Friday, Sept. 27, from 4-5:30 p.m.  The gallery is located at #4 4480 Barriere Town Road.