Neqweyqwelsten School raises money for good causes

Neqweyqwelsten School Grade 3 to 7 students raise money for good causes

Neqweyqwelsten School students Lyric McLeish

Neqweyqwelsten School students Lyric McLeish

Grade 3 to 7 students at the Neqweyqwelsten School in Chu Chua, along with teacher Cindy Lee Matthew, recently participated in raising funds for UNICEF’s School-In-A-Box program.

“We collected $262.50,” said Matthew, “All together we had to raise $236 in US money,  and we reached our goal!”

The teacher says they are excited the money raised will be going toward helping 80 children in Africa, who have never been to school, but will now have an opportunity to start school.

“We talked it over with everyone and decided to donate the remainder of our funds to help the Barriere Animal Rescue with their pet food drive,” said Matthews, explaining the school delivered the food to Elli Kohnert for distribution, “She helps many animals in our area.”

Kohnert said she was delighted when the children came by her home, each one with their arms full of pet food.  They had also made two posters to place with a donation box in the AG Foods store.

“It is so encouraging to see children take an interest in helping animals in need, because they will be future owners of pets, and hopefully remain being kind to animals,” said Kohnert.

Matthew and the students say they hope that people will put pet food into the donation boxes.

“Just look for our signs and the boxes,” said the students.

Kohnert said she wanted to say a “resounding thank you from the animals who cannot ask for them selves.”